The Late Late Toy Show!!!

Imagine the excitement in Swapums HQ as we snuggled down to watch the Toy Show on RTE1 on Friday 1st December, knowing there was a possibility that Swapums was going to be on it??  It all began back in late October when I sent in some samples of our fancy paper into RTE for possible inclusion in the Toy Show. A day or two later I received a phone call from the girls there who had a couple of questions about our products (they were so so nice :-) ) and requested further samples.  These I posted off, and after that it was a waiting game until the first Friday in December. We sat with baited breath for the first hour and a half, however I knew when Ryan pulled out the retro wagons filled with items from the 80's that it was now or never....I nearly fell off the couch in anticipation.  However it wasn't to be, well not really anyway. Ryan flew through some of the items, as he has to throughout the entire show - with the sheer volume of toys it is impossible to mention even a quarter of them really.  However eagle-eyes here spotted our beautiful pink packages in the although they didn't get a mention I was delighted to see us featured at all!!! Even more exciting, (and proof for any Doubting Thomases out there!!!), we were listed on the official RTE Late Late Toy Show website, and sparked a huge jump in online purchases for the following few days!!! All in all it was a great experience and I was so thrilled to have been given the opportunity by RTE at all and I am looking forward to working with them again in the future!! Click here to read the article!!!

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